'Pip' Patterson was a pilot with Hornet Squadron during the early days of World War 2.

Early LifeEdit

Service with Hornet SquadronEdit

Patterson participated in the air battle featured at the end of Piece of Cake as Bearskin Blue Two. [2] After he and Quirk witnessed the attack which resulted in the partial loss of Steele-Stebbing's left arm, Patterson became so enraged that he chased after a 109, only for it to avoid his bullets.[N 2]

Forced to withdraw with a dead radio and a miss-firing engine, he eventually found himself at RAF Kingsmere.[5]




  1. Pip's 21st birthday was the day before The Ram's death [1]
  2. In the minute between Patterson entering the battle and the attack on Steele-Stebbing, Patterson had wet himself twice - firstly when the turret from an exploding bomber whirled past his prop at a distance of no more than six feet, and then when bounced by a pair of 109's.[3][4]


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