Standard Bf-110C,[2] of the type encountered by members of Hornet Squadron in Piece of Cake
Origin Messerschmitt AG
Type Long Range Heavy Fighter
Engine Two (895kW) Daimler-Benz DB601N Inverted V-12s
Fuel (Total capacity) 400 gallons (1,820 litres)
Span (16.25m)
Length (12.10m)
Height (3.50m)
Empty (4,500kg)
Loaded (7,000kg)
Speed (562km/h) at (7,000m)
Service Ceiling (10,000m)
Range (850km)
Armament Two 20mm Oerlikon MG FF in belly, Four 7.92mmmm MG 17 in nose, One 7.92mm MG 15 in rear cockpit plus (110C-4/B Fighter Bomber only) Four (250kg) bombs on belly racks
First Flight (Prototype)12 May 1936. (C variant) After April 1938
Start of service February 1938
End of Production
End of service 1945
Operators Germany (Luftwaffe)
Number Produced (All versions) 6,257[3]

Luftwaffe standard long range fighter

Piece of CakeEdit


The card showing the Bf-110 was the first one Moran held up during the aircraft recognition test held after the cross-country run order by The Ram.


During his flight in a P-36, 'Flash' Gordon encountered a Bf-110 which was strafing a line of refugees.

A flight of six 110s carried out a single strafing run against Bodkin Hazel shortly after Air Commodore Bletchley arrived to inform Hornet Squadron about the change in altitude code. The attack resulted in the destruction of the squadron's reserve Hawker Hurricanes, Skull's mock-ups, the crew room and a petrol bowser, as well as damage to the portable lavatory - with Bletchley inside. [4]


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