A restored Bf 109E in flight.[1]

Role Single seat fighter/Fighter-bomber
Crew One
Passengers None
First flight January 1939
Entered service
Manufacturer Messerschmitt AG
(Fomerly Bayerische Flugzeugwerke)
Operators Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany (Luftwaffe), Hungary, Italy (ASRI), Japan, Romania, Slovakia, Slovak (CB Insurgent), Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland, Yugoslavia
Length 28ft 4in (8.64m)
Wingspan 32ft 4 1/2in (9.87m)
Height 7ft 5 1/2in (2.28m)
Wing area
Empty 4,189lb (1,900kg) to 4,421lb
Loaded 5,523lb (2,505kg) to 5,875lb (2,665kg)
Maximum takeoff
Engine One - (a) DB 601A, (b) DB 601N or (c) DB 601E
Power (each) (a) 1,100hp, (b) 1,200hp or (c) 1,300hp
Internal Fuel One fuselage tank - 88 Imp Gal.
External Fuel
Maximum speed 348 to 354mph (560 to 570km/h)
Cruising speed
Range 365 to 460 miles
Ceiling 34,450ft (10,500m) to 36,090ft (11,000m)
Rate of climb 3,100 to 3,280ft per minute
Guns (Early E-1) Four MG 17 plus four 110lb (50kg) or one 551lb (250kg) bomb
(Later E-1 and most E) Two MG 17 with 1,000rpg (or two MG 17 with 500rpg and 20MG FF firing through prop hub) and two MG FF (Drum) in wings with 60rpg.

The Bf-109E (Emil) was the standard version of the Bf-109 used by the Luftwaffe during the period covered by Piece of Cake.

In the heat of combat, it was very difficult to distinguish a Bf-109 from a Spitfire or Hurricane, as Skull points out after the Battle of Southend Sands.

During the September 1940 that forms the finale of Piece of Cake, Moggy's aircraft is mistaken for a Bf-109 by a pilot from another unit.


The Bf-109s used in the Miniseries were actually HA-1112 Buchon aircraft built in Spain with Rolls Royce Merlin engines for the Spanish Air Force.
Hispano-ha-1112-m1l-buchon-g-bwue-cn-223 jpg 500x400

A HA 1112 M-1-L Buchon in Bf 109E paintscheme.[2]


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