Squadron Leader Hector G. Ramsey was Commanding officer of Hornet Squadron at the beginning of Piece of Cake.

Early lifeEdit

Hornet SquadronEdit

When he took command in 1937, the squadron was equipped with Hawker Fury biplanes. These were significantly slower than the latest German bombers, which were expected to fly missions against Great Britain directly from bases in Germany, passing directly over Hornet's base en-route. Ramsey informed the squadron that, because their aircraft could not hope to get close enough to shoot the enemy down, they would have to ram them - presumably from head on. This statement led to the squadron personnel bestowing the nickname of The Ram on their new CO.

When the squadron reequipped with Hawker Hurricanes, Ramsey instigated an intense training regimen, which caused him to get a severe attack of shingles.

Ramsey died after falling from his upturned aircraft and breaking his third and fourth cervical vertebrae.[2]


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