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G-BOML was a Hispano HA-1112 M1L.(Packard Merlin powered Messerschmitt Bf 109).


Built by La Hispano-Aviacion SA as Serial No. 151 in 1947,[1] the aircraft that became G-BOML was assigned to the Fuerza Aérea Española (Spanish Air Force) as C4K-107.[2]

US registration N170BG was cancelled on 7 March 1988.[3]

By 31 December 1998, G-BOML had been flown for a total of 312 hours.[1]

On 29 March 2000, G-BOML's registration was permanently cancelled by the Civil Aviation Authority.[4] The Permit to Fly Certificate Expired on 7 July 2000.[1]

Registration Details

Mark:G-BOML Current Reg. Date:11/05/1993 Previous ID:N170BG De-Reg. Date:29/03/2000 Status:De-registered To: Reason:Cancelled by CAA Select this link to view the Full Registration History of this aircraft Aircraft Details

Manufacturer: Type:

ICAO 24 bit aircraft address:

Popular Name:- Generic Name:HA1112 Aircraft Class:FIXED-WING LANDPLANE EASA Category:NON EASA Engines:1: 1 x PACKARD MOTOR CAR CO MERLIN 224

MTOW:2850kg Total Hours:312 at 31/12/1998 Year Built:1947 Approved Maint. Programme:None CofA / Permit: Owner Details

Registration:G-BOML Manufacturer:LA HISPANO-AVIACION SA Type:HISPANO HA-1112 M1L Serial No.:151 Registration History and Owner Details

Registration:G-BOML Issue Date:15/04/1988 End Date:21/02/1989 Reference:G-BOML/R1 Notes:Change of Ownership Ownership Status:Owned Registered Owner(s):EDWARD NICHOLAS GRACE ST. RAPHAEL LE GELE ROAD, CASTEL GUERNSEY GY5 7LW

Registration:G-BOML Issue Date:21/02/1989 End Date:11/05/1993 Reference:G-BOML/R2 Notes:Change of Ownership Ownership Status:Chartered Registered Owner(s):RAYNHAM GEORGE HANNA C/O OLD FLYING MACHINE COMPANY DUXFORD AIRFIELD, DUXFORD CAMBRIDGE CB2 4QR

Registration:G-BOML Issue Date:11/05/1993 End Date:29/03/2000 Reference:G-BOML/R3 Notes:Cancelled by CAA Ownership Status:Owned Registered Owner(s):CLASSIC AVIATION LTD C/O THE OLD FLYING MACHINE COMPANY DUXFORD AIRFIELD, DUXFORD CAMBRIDGE CB2 4QR


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