Derek Robinson, author ot Piece of Cake[1]

Derek Robinson is a British author who mainly specialises in novels featuring military units.

After growing up in Bristol, Derek read history at Cambridge before serving as a fighter plotter with the RAF. He then spent ten years working for ad agencies in London and New York, before coming home via Portugal and the Channel Islands.

As well as novels, Derek has also written books on the sports of Squash and Rugby, and a study of the underground West Country Patois known as Bristle.

Derek and his American wife Sheila live in the Cotswold village of Horton,[2]

Selected BibliographyEdit

  • Goshawk Squadron - a sort of anti Biggles.
  • Rotten with Honour - a Cold War thriller which suggests that Russian intelligence is no more stupid than British Intelligence.
  • Kramer's War - a novel describing the delicate balance between co-operation and collaboration during the German occupation of Jersey.[3]
  • The Eldorado Network - a work based on the case history of a double agent who discovered that inventing what intelligence agencies would like to hear is more profitable than reporting the truth.
  • Piece of Cake
  • A Good Clean Fight


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