Bristol Blenheim IV

Blenheim IV in flight[2]

Origin Bristol Aircraft Company
Type Twin Engined Bomber[N 1]
Engine Two 920hp Bristol Mercury XV
Span 56ft 4 in (17.17m)
Length 42ft 9in (13m)
Height 12ft 10in (3.91m)
Empty 9,790lb (4,441kg)
Loaded 14,400lb (6,531kg)
Speed 266mph (428km/h)
Service Ceiling 31,500ft (9,600m)
Range 1,950 miles (3,138 km)
Armament One 0.303in Browning in port wing[3] with 400 rounds,[4] One 0.303in Vickers K in nose,[1] two 0.303in Brownings in FN 54 chin turret with 1,000 rounds each and two 0.303in Brownings in dorsal turret with 600 rounds each.[4] Bomb load of four 250lb bombs.[3]
First Flight (Converted Mk I) 24 September 1937[3]
End of Production
End of service
Number Produced

The Bristol Blenheim was a twin engined bomber used by the RAF during the early years of World War 2.

Piece of CakeEdit

While on a training flight in early September 1939, Hornet Squadron is diverted to intercept a formation of hostile aircraft and believing them to be Junkers Ju-88's, launch a devestating attack on them, unaware that the other aircraft are in fact Bristol Blenheims. After revealing the truth, and the fact that a fault in the tracking system led ground controllers to mistake the Blenheims for hostile aircraft, Squadron Leader Rex advises Barton to fly to the Blenheim squadron base to appologise in person.[5][6]



  1. Some were later fitted with primative radar units, and a ventral pack containing four 0.303in Browning machine guns, for use as interim night fighters.[1]


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