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Piece of Cake/A Good Clean Fight character

'Uncle' (David Horovitch) listens to Hart explaining his delayed return from the survival exercise.[1]

First appearance Piece of Cake
Last appearance A Good Clean Fight
Created by Derek Robinson
Portrayed by David Horovitch
Nickname(s) Uncle
Gender Male
Occupation Adjutant for Hornet Squadron
Title Flight Lieutenant
Family Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Significant other(s) 'Skull' Skelton, Pilots of Hornet Squadron
Children Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Religion Unknown
Nationality English
Born Between September 1896 and August 1897.[N 1]

Flight Lieutenant 'Uncle' Kellaway is the Adjutant for Hornet Squadron in Piece of Cake and A Good Clean Fight.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Kellaway's early life, apart from the fact that he was cared for by a nanny, who advised him to disguise mistakes in a drawing by turning them into a cloud, or a tree.

World War OneEdit

World War TwoEdit

Piece of CakeEdit

The NovelEdit

Kellaway first appears in the flashback to The Ram's return from sick leave in the third week of August, when Ramsey orders Kellaway to recall all the pilots from leave - a process that takes three days. [3]

While the pilots were taking part in a cross country run, Kellaway discussed the First World War with the sergeant of police, [4] before organising a rugby match with the Fairey Battle squadron that shared the airfield and supervising the digging of slit trenches near dispersal, while The Ram led the pilots on a battle climb.[N 2]

Following Ramsey's death, Kellaway cancelled the rugby match, before informing the Air Ministry of Hornet Squadron's need for a new CO. [6]

The miniseriesEdit

Kellaway is first seen noting the finishing times of the pilots taking part in a cross country run.[7]

While Hornet Squadron were in France, Kellaway demonstrated his ability to identify each pilot by their take off style to Skull. [8]

A Good Clean FightEdit

By 1942, Kellaway and Hornet Squadron were in North Africa



  1. Age is given as 42 at start of Piece of Cake, set in September 1939.[2]
  2. It was due to his taxiing into one of these trenches that The Ram fell and broke his neck.[5]


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