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'Moggy' Cattermole
Piece of Cake character
Picture of Moggy in front of a bridge
First appearance Piece of Cake – September 1939
Last appearance Piece of Cake – September 1940
Created by Derek Robinson
Portrayed by Neil Dudgeon
Nickname(s) 'Moggy’
Gender Male
Occupation RAF Fighter Pilot
Title Flying Officer
Nationality English[N 1]
Born circa 1919[N 2]
Died September 1940


Lance[N 3] 'Moggy' Cattermole is a character from the Derek Robinson novel Piece of Cake.

Moggy was killed when his aircraft was destroyed during the air raid featured at the end of Piece of Cake.[N 4]

The NovelEdit

He first appears as one of four members of Hornet Squadron returning to their airfield in a Buick convertible after celebrating 'Pip' Patterson's 21st birthday. Cattermole is carrying a golliwog half as big as himself.

The MiniseriesEdit

First seen sitting on the back of a horse drawn cart during the cross country run.

Squadron PositionEdit

  • September 1939 - :Red Two[6]
  • October 1938 - Red Three[7]
  • September 1940 (His death) - Yellow Leader[8]



  1. Scottish on Mother’s side (Moggy reveals this to Squadron Leader Ramsey on returning from leave in August 1939).[1]
  2. Mentions that he is not yet 21.[2]
  3. Moggy revealed his name to Mary during a visit to her cottage.[3]
  4. In the novel, Moggy is killed by a passing Bf-109 at high altitude, shortly after his Hurricane is mistaken for a Bf109 by a Spitfire pilot, who attacks Moggy while in pursuit of a He 111. In the miniseries his Spitfire is destroyed by a 'Bf-109' which chased Moggy past the airfield at low level.[4][5]


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