Richard Starr
Piece of Cake character
First appearance Piece of Cake Page 30 - September 1939
Last appearance Piece of Cake Page 108 - October 1939
Created by Derek Robinson
Portrayed by Tom Radcliffe
Gender Male
Occupation RAF Fighter Pilot
Rank Pilot Officer
Religion Methodist[N 1]
Nationality English
Died October 1939 - Flying accident

Richard 'Dicky' Starr was a young pilot serving with Hornet Squadron during the early days of World War 2.


Early lifeEdit

Hornet SquadronEdit

Starr joined Hornet Squadron sometime before the start of Piece of Cake. He is described as being the youngest and smallest member of the squadron, his small stature prompting Cattermole to suggest using Dicky as the ball in a game of Mess Rugby on the last day of August 1939.

Starr was killed during Hornet Squadron's time in France, when his aircraft collided with a local bridge while attempting to fly underneath it, after being goaded into attempting it by 'Moggy'.[N 2]



  1. Skull reveals Starr was a Methodist when informing Rex and Kellaway that the local priest wants Starr's body removed from his grave because he wasn't Catholic.[1]
  2. In the miniseries, Starr succeeded in flying under the bridge, only to crash into a tree after failing to pull up.


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