Pilot Officer Steele-Stebbing was a replacement pilot posted to the reformed Hornet Squadron after the evacuation from France.[1] He received his nickname from Cattermole, who had met the new pilot's cousin Amanda before the war.


When Steele-Stebbing joined the squadron, 'Skull' Skelton stated that the young man was attempting to escape his father, who was an undergraduate with Skull.[2]

During the 7th September air raid, Steele-Stebbing was Yellow Two, serving as Moggy's wingman.[3] Seconds after Hornet Squadron engaged the bombers at 16,000ft, a burst of gunfire shredded the cockpit of Steele-Stebbing's aircraft and severed his left arm below the elbow. [4] After leveling out at 3,000ft, Steel-Stebbing lost consciousness and crashed into the face of the South Downs. [5]


During the discusion about a possible German invasion, one of the other pilots remarks that the Germans would put 'Moggy' in Wormwood Scrubs, prompting Steele-Stebbing to state that the idea would get his vote.[6]


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